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Quest for a good definition of UX designer.

After I finished some big projects for our national control offices against fraude and found myself desillusioned by doing projects for our government withouth a cause, I am looking for a challenge in which I can use my creative energy and get the feeling that I can contribute to a better life. As I will not be able to go for world peace I have to start in my own region or little as it is in my own country.

When I was working in healthcare a few years ago, I found myself tired from working everyday but satisfied knowing a few persons had a nice day and that I helped them that day to achieve it. It was here were I got involved with user experiences. If I had to help our clients I had to think and be like them with all their different contrains.

How do they get on the internet, how do they move around, what do they need to be able to surf on the internet. Those people were in my care. I had to focus on them. I was looking for the right process to be able to help them.

I searched on the internet and found Jacob Nielsen doing research on usability, this was in 2001. His reports were very interesting. In my environment I asked around and found out that this man is a wellknown person to some young programmers so I dug some more and found out that he also did research on usability for people with dissabilities. I directly bought this report and used his tips on how to deal with it.

In 2003 I trained our clients and they were able to put up a website for a local protected area. My supervisor said that I should enter a competition doing the first multimedia steps to win a publicity prize so  we will get more attention and maybe sponsors to buy software and tools for our clients.

You should know that these people can only move one finger and needed a touch pad. I usually put their finger on the right spot so that they could move a few milimeters. They combined these movements with their head or and eyes to hit the target. From almost blind person with a sight of 8% I learned to use certain color combinations and like Nielsen also says, a user starts by looking at the left top going down and then letting the text lead him to the right or below.

In those days I managed to make a few starting lessons for website building in Dreamweaver, on a black screen with white text and images. This was my first encounter with usability.

I forgot to tell that we won the first prize. This made our clients very very happy, of course it was local news and we ended this adventure with an article in the local newspapers.