Customer journey mapping

Journey mappings are diagrams which illustrate the steps required to engage with a company or public service. Customer journey maps can be considered ‘blueprints’ of the entire network of material, exchange, logistics and experience required to get a product to a consumer or deliver a service; not only from the moment the user receives the product, but on through the life of the product. In this way, this visualisation represents the actual and everyday experience of those involved and can lead to a better understanding of the services offered, gaps in service and helps to identify opportunities. These blueprints help to visualise and align customer actions and expose touch-points in a way that can be shared with stakeholders, helping to diagnose the customer’s experience and hopefully then improve it.

Here are the steps you can take.

Before you start you first cab gather some notes about:

  • Customer Lifecycle Phases
  • Channels, Areas or Departments/Divisions
  • Touchpoints
  • Customer journey
  • Customer & Employee Feedback

Step 1:  Determine Your Mapping Method & Design – will the project be digital or analogue Step 2:  Define Swim Lane Headers – decide how you will organise the flow of the information Step 3:  Create a Key – so that it’s easy to understand the relationships of what is visualised and so you know what is what Step 4:  Add Your Touchpoints & Plot the Journey – plot the journey based on what you know Step 5:  Synch Your Voice of the Customer Information – make sure that real experiences are reflected



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