Lean UX

After reading the  Lean startup of Eric Ries, this book Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf looks interesting. I found this article “Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business” written by this writer in Smashing Magazine. I also read in an old blog of Reisa Reichelt  disambiguity.com that  she advocates hypothesis – prototype – learn. It’s all about selling something they never needed before to companies that need first a different mindset. Like I am aging, time doesn’t stand still and now are different times. You need to be agile in producing your product. Itertation is the answer. Test your product over and over again till thanks to that iteration you developed the perfect product for your customers. When you start designing is not new. When you have an idea, an assumption. Then you draw this idea. You show it to your clients. If its about functionality you have to try out if this works.  Doesn’t work? Alter your design. Test it again. Iterate. Till you can work out the design and spent more precious time to fill-in the details. Time to make or let making the protoype. This is costly, but you are sure. When the prototype is ready, you try it on. Feels comfy? Fits the size? I’m sorry I went a little of course.  I use to be a fashion designer, you know. I had to deal with having my sketches prototyped as well. I only did not test the samples with real customers. That would have been something to think about… A different mindset for developing clothes ha,ha. Now I think about it. Isn’t done already? I just stick to what I am doing now. User Experience design.

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